Trap-Door Baffling Inserts for Chevrolet C5 Corvette Oil Pan

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EGM-202 Configurator

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Part # EGM-202 Configurator
Customize Trap-Door Baffling Inserts for Chevrolet C5 Corvette Oil Pan
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Trap-Door Baffling Inserts for Chevrolet C5 Corvette Oil Pan
Trap-Door Baffling Inserts for Chevrolet C5 Corvette Oil Pan

In stock

Free shipping on USA orders over $99



    The GM LS family small blocks are prone to oil starvation at high Gs, especially at higher RPMs where oil aeration and windage is more prevalent. Proper oil pan baffling is critical for improving oil control and reducing oil starvation in these engines.

    Improved Racing's C5 Corvette trap-door inserts provide very effective, track-proven protection against oil starvation for road racing, drifting, autocross, drag racing and even off-roading and rock crawling. The inserts employ directional trap doors to keep oil around the pump pickup and provides vastly improved oil control for the C5 Corvette two-piece "bat-wing" oil pan. These inserts are sufficient to prevent oil pressure drops at up to 1.4 sustained lateral G's in most vehicles. 

    The inserts take minimal time and effort to install due to the later model C5 Corvette's modular oil pan design. Simply drain the oil, remove the bottom half of the oil pan and snap-in the inserts to enjoy improved oil control. 

    Features and Benefits

    • Track-proven to prevent oil starvation at up to 1.4 sustained lateral G's
    • Directional trap door inserts completely enclose the oil pump pickup for maximum protection against oil starvation at high Gs
    • 100% snap-in, no modifications necessary. Does not require removal of oil pan or engine.
    • Reduces the risk of oil starvation when oil levels are low
    • Works with the factory cast aluminum oil pan, which is considered a structural member of the engine block and is less prone to failure or leaking than aftermarket sheet metal pans
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Made in the USA

    Test Data

    The graph below plots oil pressures with the factory baffling (in red) versus the Improved Racing EGM-204 baffle (in black). A complete chart with oil pressure, RPM and lateral G-force plots can be seen in PDF format by clicking here. A second chart that adds several additional logged parameters can be seen by clicking here.

    Improved Racing EGM-202 Baffling Inserts Oil Pressure Chart


    This product is designed for direct installation in the following vehicles:

    • 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette (C5) with factory two-piece bat-wing oil pan (part # 12561828)
    • Other vehicles equipped GM oil pan part #12561828
    • NOTE: Fits only two-piece oil pans typically found in later 2002-2004 model year C5 Corvettes.

    Installation Notes

    • It is recommended that the lower oil pan gasket, GM Part # 12562020, be replaced when installing this product.
    Part #
    EGM-202 Configurator
    Primary Material
    5052-H32 aluminum
    Clears Crankshaft Stroke
    Clears Connecting Rods
    Group 0 (Factory Rods)
    Group 1 (Most H-Beam Rods)
    Group 2 (Most I-Beam Rods)
    Callies Compstar H-beam
    Callies Ultra I-beam
    Eagle CRS6125BLW
    Eagle CRS6100L3D
    Eagle CRS6125O3D
    Eagle CRS6125O3D2000
    All I-Beam Rods
    All others not listed
    All OEM LS Rods Except LS7 & LS9
    GM OEM LS7 Rods
    GM OEM LS9 Rods
    K1 012AE25613
    K1 012AE25613ST
    K1 012AE25613L
    K1 012AE25610
    All Others Not Listed
    All I-Beam Rods
    All H-Beam Rods
    All H-Beam Rods
    All I-Beam Rods
    Most Other Brand I-Beam Rods
    Most Other Brand H-Beam Rods Not Listed in Group 2
    All I-Beam Rods
    All H-Beam Rods
    All I-Beam Rods
    All H-Beam Rods
    Texas Speed
    All Rods
    Thompson Motorsports
    All H-Beam Rods
    Fits Oil Pan
    Chevrolet Corvette (C5)
    "Batwing" Oil Pan
    Improved Racing
    Instruction Manuals
    Racing Oil Pan Trap-Door Inserts for 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette (C5)
    Test Data
    EGM-204 oil pan baffle test data.
    EGM-204 test data with additional logging parameters.
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