Improved Racing Testimonials and Reviews

After exploding my engine in Formula Drift round 5 New Jersey, Improved Racing contacted me about one of their sweet trap door oil pan baffles. They were nice enough to send one over to me to use in my new motor to help protect against oil starvation. With this oil pan baffle and a accusump, the typical LS oil starvation issue is greatly helped. I never noticed even the slightest drop in oil pressure, even when I was smashing around the big bank at high speeds and G’s.

The baffle looks amazing, and when you hold it in your hand you can tell that pride is put into their product. 

Thank you Improved Racing, you guys make a great product!

Matt Field

Once the baffle wen in, our datalogs showed the accusump hasn't deployed at all. It works great!

Danny George

How bizarre that im able to get better customer service on the other side of the planet than up the road at my local coffee shop!

Travor S.

I own a Russian YAK55 single seat competition aerobatic aircraft and operate it in Australia. (...) This product looked like it was the best in the business so we ordered one to try out. To my excitement this has completely solved my oil temp control problems - at last!!

It is working fantastic (...) I will also use one of these thermostats on the motorcycle engine powered race car I am building which will provide the correct oil temp during different power settings and ambient temperatures, again improving performance and reliability.

The build quality of these products is second to none and I highly recommend their products to anyone who cares for their equipment.


Eddie E.

We just completed our first race with all the stuff we bought from you.

While we didn't pull much over 1 lateral G the baffled oil pan worked great.

We logged oil pressure for 12 hours, and as far as I can see it looks good!

Dave T.

When we tested our Drakan Spyder on the track we discovered oil starvation of the LS3 was a problem. Our oil pressure was dropping into single digits. We called Improved Racing and tested their baffle system that fits into the stock oil pan. After installation, our oil pressures, under the same conditions with the same pro driver, did not drop below 25psi. It proved to be the perfect fix!

Shinoo Mapleton, Sector 111

Improved Racing has been our go to for all of my plumbing needs on our race car. We’ve been very impressed with the selection of fittings, tees, blocks and coolers that are offered and in stock at Improved Racing.

Gilbert R.

Transmission thermostat is awesome. Service from Improved Racing was great. Quick delivery of a very high quality piece. I ordered a fluid thermostat with -6 fittings for a 10 sec bracket racer. It arrived in 2 days. After installation, my 60ft times, that had varied by 2 hundredths, now only vary by a few thousandths. Temp stays right at 165 as advertised.

Jeff R.

I received my LS7 crank scraper and windage tray. I had high expectations about your products and devotion to detail from my previous purchases. I must say, these two products really raised the bar!

I will be recommending your products on each of the LS3 and LS7 Corvettes that I service in my regional Corvette club, Gulf Coast Corvettes. I have deposits for two engine builds and I hope to send you some business in the future.

I just love it when well-engineered products are released for the LS engine platform. Thanks for improving upon an already great design.

Joshua B.

Just wanted to say that you guys are the best place I've called in 2 years for tech support! I work at a performance shop and search parts everyday. Service was excelent thank you!

Billy A.

I've had your thermostatic oil cooler with a Setrab cooler for a couple years now, and I love it! It works extremely well for the mix of daily driving and track duty that I put my car through.

Mike Harvey

If you are looking for quality products and people that actually stand behind them you found the right people to deal with!

Randy B.

I have had this pump installed for just over a month now. Its performing flawlessly as a transmission cooler pump for me. Noise wise its significantly quieter than the Tilton pump I used previously and seems to perform better. Thanks again guys!

James H.

Just wanted to give you folks a shout out. We installed the products I purchased from you - LS Camaro - oil pan baffle, scraper/windage tray, oil tube support, AND your fantastic an fitting oil cooler lines you custom made for me. EVERYONE at GPI was impressed with the quality and how well you made your products. We put these in an LSA Forged 416 and they performed flawlessly!

GREAT JOB and fantastic quality. So impressed with your products. KEEP UP the great work.

Donald H.

My order arrived in Wanganui this morning... and already on the car. Awesome product and service.

Thanks heaps!

Darryl J.

Just wanted to thank you again for the help with making sure I ordered the correct crank scraper. It arrived today and I got it installed this evening. Very impressed with the fit. Hugs the crank and rods in my stroker nicely.

Christopher M.

All products exceeded my expectations, I am so happy I decided to order from you guys.

Teaghanne B.

I am impressed! Very nicely made oil cooler adaptor. Machining is gorgeous as well as your anodizing. I love all the products you sell. Presentation, quality and design are outstanding. One stop shop for all my oil cooler needs. This is where I will shop hands down! Thank you for making these parts and including the killswitch tag! I don't put any decals on my car mainly not to advertise but IMPROVEDDDD is on my side window :) Looks great on my 2015 1LE


I Just received my 44 row 6 series Setrab oil cooler in excellent condition!!! Hats off to the guys that packed it!! I will pass on what a pleasure it is doing business with you guys!

Alex C.

The years of testing have proved to have some incredible results. 4 hot laps on track with the Turbo FR-S and I couldn't get my oil over 220F. I could not believe my eyes. Coming down from 270-275F at the end of 5 hot laps, to 220F, is just amazing. Also the added capacity is a nice for a little extra insurance in high G cornering.

We had another successful weekend competing in NASA TTU, a 3rd and 2nd place finish.

Gilbert Rossignol

I have the MHX-520 Installed in my vehicle and it is working well. It has lowered my atf temps 25f degrees lower vs my oem cooler.

Fernando M.

I just wanted to pass back some positive feedback. I bought your kit for my built LS7 Z06 (oil cooler and thermostat).

On 3/16 I took it to Austin and ran it in the warmest temperatures I've had it in. It was running in temps about 20F warmer and the oil was maintaining a temperature of at least 30F cooler than I've ever seen it. I was able to run full sessions of the HPDE without having any cooling off laps, VERY happy with the modification. Best $1000 I've ever spent on the car!

Dylan J.

You guys are awesome. I'm really impressed with your customer service and how organized Improved Racing is. Keep up the great work!

Mike Lanza

Thanks for being here and supplying all I have needed with the best quality parts! You have a great company, good service and knowledgeable staff when I call.

Carey N.

I just wanted to say your packaging and instructions on the oil cooler adapter were very nice, and everything else looks like it’s great quality as well.

Joe P.

I just drove the car, and pardon my language here but HOLY S***T does this thing run cool! I wasn’t beating on it too heavy, couple small wot pulls not to redline or anything wild, but the car likes to hover between 183-187 oil temps. Also it looks extremely badass! I’m going to make a post in a short while here with tons more pictures. I’ll make sure I tag Improved Racing in there!

Michael P.

Just wanted to report back and give credit where credit is due! Awesome product, very well put together. We had to make new brackets as the intercooler was in the way (was to be expected) but other than that you guys nails the design of this kit.

Stephen B.

Best experience ordering from a company in a long time! Notifications were clear and the parts shipped very quick! No complaints from me!

Nathan K.

Not only are you products outstanding, but so is your customer service.  Thank you again for all you efforts on engineering, manufacturing and selling some wonderful problem solving products!

John H.

I just received my remote oil filter setup that I put together with your products. I want to tell you that I am blown away with the quality, fit, and finish of the parts! I am beyond happy, and so glad I found you guys when searching for items to build my remote!! Went -10 over my old -8 setup. This thing is gonna Flow!

Really appreciate what you guys do and every engine I build going forward is going to have all the Improved Racing bits I can fit in it. You're how all companies should be!

James S.

I want to leave a review regarding your excellent customer service, I placed an order online after business hours, the next day I received an email checking to see if I was sure I wanted the two items on my order because they were incompatible, as it turned out I made a mistake on my order and rather than letting me find that out when the parts arrived, someone took the time to double check. Thank You , Much Appreciated!


These guys have some top shelf stuff, and I’ve been blown away by everything I get from here as well as top shelf customer service and great shipping.

Jon W.

Love your design and all the serviceability you guys engineered in here. 10/10.

Deven Coffey, EPC Racing