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on 5/19/24
Helpful security item for motor
Been running the GTO oil pan baffle since 2018 in my stroker boosted GTO. Haven't had any issues with oil starvation. Haven't pushed it to its supposed g force limit of 1.4 g's which would require me to 60ft my stock trans stick GTO to a 1.53 60 ft but I always run 7 qts of oil in my stroker. Hasn't aerated the oil and I thrash the car pretty hard at the track and on the street. On the surface the item is of high quality. the trap doors move well and once you see it in person you understand how it works. Where ever the g forces are pulling it shuts that trap door that it's pulling towards and keeps oil on your pickup tube. Say you launch hard at the track, the rear door shuts to keep oil from leaving the pickup area completely & the front opens to let oil come in from other areas. You brake hard, rear door opens front door shuts, you corner hard left or right and same thing on the side doors. Just keeps oil front and center of your oil pickup. But as far as functionality it's help keep my boosted stroker GTO alive since 2018. Just run over on factory oil fill a little but nothing crazy unless you need extra oil for turbos and go thrash on your car. I run my blower motor at 7 qts and oil analysis results always come back normal.
by Landon.
on 5/14/24
Good Product
I was looking for a sensor block for temperature and pressure for my transmission and this worked perfectly. It’s large enough to fit a temperature probe without any adapters and is well made.
by Jordan.
on 5/13/24
Excellent Upgrade
The BMW engine is well known for running crazy hot for whatever reason. This causes oil to break down, bearing failures and eventually engine failure. There are several bandaids for cooling the oil in these cars that have been developed over the years but none were true oil thermostats. My 2009 335i would regularly see oil temps of 240-250* f under normal driving conditions during hot weather. There's just no reason to run this hot. This unit gives you the option to run at 3 different temperatures depending on your needs. I opted to purchase the 180° unit and the two extra thermostats because they are only $13 ea. The 180° unit dropped my cruising temps to 205°. I plan to try the two other thermostats to see what baseline they run at in my N54 engine. Swapping them out is as easy as removing three screws and a plate. The machining quality on the thermostat is top-notch. The finish is beautiful. Installation is simple and straightforward and the adapter plate works perfectly with the factory oil cooler and lines. The factory unit (pictured) does not have a thermostat inside, it's just a spring valve that lets the engine run too hot. I wish I knew about this thermostat sooner. It definitely would have been one of my first upgrades on this car.
by Shane Johnson.
on 5/12/24
Great service, very helpful, would recommend.
by Bill.
on 5/11/24
I had thought from the write up that these were swivels. Turns out they are not and you cannot place them in most adapters because they interfere and the second one cannot then be tightened down. Most adapters have the ports too close together.

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