Improved Racing Product Reviews

by Darc.
on 7/12/21
Love it!
Great T. Super soft and comfortable. Appreciate the clean graphics, woman's cut and another reviewers advice to order a size up. I'm quite pleased. Order was timely and spot on!
by Stan.
on 7/8/21
Clearance issues.
Picked this unit up for a gen IV LS turbo build. It doesn’t say anything about not clearing the block heater. Disappointing to find that I am not able to get my block heater cord to plug in with this installed. I currently have this installed and will more than likely need to take it off for the winter months as it gets cold enough to where a block heater is required in the winter months. Product looks nice and fits good otherwise.
by Mike M..
on 5/29/21
Perfect Fitment
This was the only adapter I could find that would fit between my oil pan and 2-7/8" headers on my 2005 CTS-V. Tried a couple other options and just couldn't make them work. Great product with excellent packaging.
by GTSR-92.
on 5/18/21
Quality product and great fit
Fitted this in my Gen 2 Dodge Viper GTS. A really good fit, had to cut off the bottom 2 tabs, made up 2 small corner brackets and attached them to the top tabs and used existing frame tabs to secure the Oil cooler. width is perfect for a Viper.
by Big John.
on 4/27/21
Great Product!
I have been using one of these in my LS-1 for over 20 years. The LS-1 is in my Jeep, a daily driver. I bought it to eliminate dry starts in order to reduce wear. It still works great after all this time. I hooked it up with an electric solenoid so that when the ignition switch is in the 'accessory' position the solenoid opens and lets the oil circulate. After a few seconds my oil pressure gauge reads 50 psi (that was my shut off pressure) and then I start the engine which is no longer "dry". 20 years! 365x20 = 7300. How many starts really? Several thousand. It still looks like new. Now that is great engineering!

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