Custom High-Flow Check Valve Configurator, -12 Body Size

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FCV-12 Configurator

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  • Configure a custom check valve with your choice of inlet and outlet ports!
  • Valves are shipped completely assembled to your specifications
  • -12 Body Size
  • High flow, low cracking pressure flapper style check valve
  • 0.05 PSI cracking pressure
  • 300 psi max operating backflow holding pressure, 1,000 psi max operating pressure in normal direction of flow
  • Exceeds most military specification requirements
  • Made in USA, Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Part # FCV-12 Configurator
Customize Custom High-Flow Check Valve Configurator, -12 Body Size
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Custom High-Flow Check Valve Configurator, -12 Body Size
Custom High-Flow Check Valve Configurator, -12 Body Size

In stock

Free shipping on USA orders over $99



    Improved Racing set out to design the highest flowing check valve we could and this is the result!

    Completely Customizable

    Configure a completely custom check valve with different inlet and outlet ports to suit your specific setup! Select any size you like for the inlet and outlet and we will assemble your valve for you. Optional adapter fittings are available for the -10AN female ORB sized valves, giving you even more connection options, including additional sizes and hose barb fittings.

    This configurator uses our -12 body size to support very high flow rates with minimal pressure drops. The overall outer body diameter is approximately 1.5 inches (38 mm).Hinge Side Check Valve Options

    Low Restriction to Flow

    Most check valve designs - including poppet check valves, ball check valves, diaphragm check valves, piston check valves, and others - are restrictive, resulting in a pressure drop across the valve even when fully open. Improved Racing's check valves use a flapper design, originally developed for military jet engine turbines, that swings completely out of the fluid's flow path, adding virtually no flow restriction. These check valves were further optimized for low restriction at high flow rates using flow simulation software and were designed to exceed most military specification requirements.

    High Holding Pressure

    The valves have been tested at up to 1,000 psi of backflow holding pressure without catastrophic failures or excessive leakage. This allows us to very safely rate these valves to hold 300 psi of backflow pressure under normal operating conditions with a very high factor of safety. For comparison, the military surplus flapper check valves we tested failed catastrophically with complete pressure loss at less than 200 psi.

    Low Cracking Pressure

    This flapper style valve has a very low cracking pressure of less than 0.05 psi. Every internal component (hinge, spring, hinge pin, and gasket core) is made from stainless steel to ensure long lasting, reliable performance and compatibility with just about any fluid, including corrosive fluids. 

    The check valve's gasket is made from FKM (Viton®) rubber bonded to a stainless steel core, giving it a high operating temperature of up to 302°F. It's also highly chemical resistant and compatible with all types of fuel.

    Improved Racing's check valves are available in multiple fitting sizes, and the inlet and outlet halves can be mixed and matched to create a completely custom valve using our custom check valve configurator.

    FCV-12 High-Flow Check Valve Diagram, Closed Position


    FCV-12 Closed Position

    High-Flow Check Valve in Open Position, Unrestricted Flow

    Features and Specifications

    • Flapper design allows for very high flow with low restriction
    • Design optimized using flow simulation software
    • FKM (Viton®) rubber seal
    • All stainless steel internal components for compatibility with a wide range of fluids
    • 6061-T6 billet aluminum body with black MIL-A-8625 Type II anodized finish
    • Laser marked with flow direction and hinge location per military specification
    • Maximum operating backflow holding pressure of 300 psi, burst backflow holding pressure of over 1,000 psi
    • Maximum unchecked (normal direction of flow) operating pressure of over 1,000 PSI
    • -40°F to 302°F operating temperature range
    • Made in USA
    • Lifetime Warranty


    Below are the overall dimensions for some common valve configurations:

    FCV-12 -8AN Check Valve Dimensions

    -8AN Male

    FCV-12 -10AN Check Valve Dimensions

    -10AN Male

    FCV-12 -10AN ORB Check Valve Dimensions

    -10AN O-Ring Boss Female

    FCV-12 -12AN Male Check Valve Dimensions

    -12AN Male



    • Ideal for use in oiling systems (wet sump and dry sump), fuel systems, crankcase pressure ventilation systems, and more.

    Part #
    FCV-12 Configurator
    Improved Racing
    Primary Material
    6061-T6 aluminum
    Type II Anodized
    Fitting Angle
    Connection B Size
    Connection B Gender
    Maximum Operating Temperature
    302°F (150°C)
    Minimum Operating Temperature
    -40°F (-40°C)
    Maximum Operating Pressure
    1000 psi (68.94 bar)
    O-Ring / Gasket Material
    FKM (Viton)
    on installation only
    Breather and vent lines
    Fuel (in-tank)
    Fuel (outside of tank)
    Gauge and sensor lines
    High pressure applications
    High temperature applications
    Hydraulics: low pressure (return lines)
    Vacuum lines
    Other oil water and air systems
    Fluid Compatibility
    Air and gas
    Engine oil
    Ethanol-based fuels (E85+)
    Ethanol/gasoline mixtures
    Gear oil
    Nitrous Oxide
    Power Steering Fluid
    Racing fuels
    Transmission fluid
    Standards & Certifications
    AN Threads & 37° Flares per SAE AS4395
    Milspec Type II Anodizing
    O-Ring Boss Threads per SAE J1926-3 & ASME B1.1
    Instruction Manuals
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