CCS High Efficiency, Quick Release Oil Catch Can, 3.5 fl oz

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  • Keep octane reducing contaminants out of your intake and keep your engine clean.
  • 85-90% filtering efficiency of crankcase vapors.
  • A must for direct injection engines.
  • Quick-turn, easy to service 3.5 fl oz (104 ml) reservoir.
  • -6 ORB inlet and outlet ports.
  • Made in USA. Lifetime warranty.

Part # CCS-350
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An Improved Oil Catch Can

Improved Racing set out to design the best air-oil separating catch can we possibly could. We focused on a three simple design goals:


  1. Maximize efficiency: Separate as much vapor from crankcase blowby fumes as possible with minimal restriction.
  2. Easy to use: The catch can should be simple and enjoyable to use in every aspect including mounting, draining, and cleaning.
  3. Durable: Virtually indestructible. Made from high-quality, reliable components. As with any Improved Racing product, nothing will vibrate loose or come apart under racing conditions.


CCS Logo

The result is the CCS (Catch Can, Sport).



Highly Efficient Air-Oil Separation


The CCS's design maximizes air-oil separation efficiency, resulting in a peak separation efficiency of 85-90%. For comparison, none of the competitor's catch cans we tested showed a peak efficiency of more than 60%. These results were achieved on our bench testing system at air flow rates of 0-4.0 CFM and vaporized oil injection rates of 0.20-0.30 grams of oil per minute.


CCS-351 Catch Can Internals

CCS Oil Catch Can Manifold Internals

Tangential Entry Port
  • Air enters the catch can manifold tangentially, causing it to spin.
  • The centrifugal force of the spinning air forces heavier particles to the outside of the manifold, where they combine into larger droplets.
Stainless Steel Filter
  • Multiple layers of stainless steel mesh of varying porosities are sintered together to comprise a single filter.
  • Effective filter rating is 100 microns. 
  • Filter is made from 316 stainless steel and is washable.
  • An optional 40 micron filter is available for small displacement, naturally aspirated engines if finer filtration is needed.
Multiple O-Ring Seals
  • Three internal seals (shown in green) were used to ensure that no dirty air bypasses the filter. This is a major contributor to poor filtering efficiency and a very common problem we found in other catch cans.
  • One primary O-ring seals the top and bottom half of the catch can (shown in red).
Anti-Splash-Back Funnel
  • The stamped aluminum funnel prevents fluid in the reservoir from splashing back onto the exit port (another common problem found in some catch cans).
  • The funnel features spiral grooves which serve two purposes:
    1. They help combine oil droplets so they drain quickly into the reservoir.
    2. CFD simulations have shown they help spiral the air, contributing to cyclonic separation.
Bell Mouth Plenum
  • Extensive R&D went into designing the exit port plenum.
  • The bell mouth shaped sheds oil droplets collected on its outer perimeter, preventing fluid from exiting the catch can.
  • The large bell mouth opening slows air velocity before exiting the catch can and reduce the probability of any fluid becoming entrained and exiting the can.
3.5 fl oz (104 ml) Reservoir
  • The 3.5 fl oz (104 ml) capacity is sufficient when drained with oil changes and after track events.


No Sight Glass Needed

Improved Racing's quick-release reservoir is so easy to remove that it eliminates the need for a sight glass. Just push up and twist an 1/8th turn to remove the reservoir and look inside. No more fumbling or endless unscrewing to remove the reservoir.


No sight glass also means improved durability at higher operating temps. And no more trying to interpret a difficult-to-read sight glass to check your fluid level. Just look inside!

CCS Catch Can 1/8 Turn Quick Release

A powerful wave spring keeps the reservoir locked in place. A safety lock clip is also included just in case you want to be absolutely sure the reservoir cannot be removed.

CCS 3.5 fl oz Catch Can Reservoir


Fast & Versatile Mounting Bracket System

We made the mounting bracket easy to use and remove because some engines bays are tight. Remove the can in seconds by unscewing the green nut. Installing and positioning is just as quick and easy. If you need a little more leverage, just use a 5/8" or 16mm open end wrench on one of the nut's lobes.

CCS Mounting Bracket System


Universal Mounting Bracket Options

Two universal mounting brackets are available: 90-degree or flat. The 90-degree bracket is included with the can and the flat bracket is available separately. Vehicle-specific kits and mounting solutions are being availble for many popular vehicle applications.

CCS Mounting Bracket Options


Positive Safety Lock Clip

The CCS comes with a safety lock clip. It's peace of mind for crash protection or track events where a positive lock mechanism is required. Push to insert, pull to remove.

CCS Safety Lock Clip


Extensive Testing

Development of the CCS happened over several years and included ANSYS Fluent CFD simulations, extensive bench tests, and on-vehicle street and track tests. Final prototype testing also included a 9-month beta testing program in collaboration with various road racers, drag racers, and drifters.


CCS CFD Simulation


Comparative testing included Improved Racing's prototypes and several catch cans from leading competitors. We ensured our catch can will beat the competition in filtration performance while maintaining a similar or lower pressure drop. Bench testing focused on maximizing efficiency at peak blow-by air flow rates of 3.7-4.0 CFM, where most other catch cans lack efficiency. The chart below (click to enlarge) shows some of our bench test results. Proprietary information and competitor's names have been redacted.


CCS Catch Can Bench Testing Data Results



The applications listed below would benefit from the addion of an oil catch can:


  • Direct injection engines.
    • Direct injection engines suffer from exccessive carbon build-up on the valves and require regular cleaning. A catch can will reduce carbon build up on the valves.
    • Valves on port injected engines are kept clean by the detergents in the fuel, but will also benefit from a catch can.
  • Any engine with oil residue found in the intake manifold, throttle body, intake piping, or charge cooler will benefit greatly from the addition of an oil catch can.
  • Any engine with an aftermarket tune will see improvements in horsepower from the increase in octane of the air/fuel mixture after adding a catch can.
  • The CCS is perfect for recirculated, OEM style PCV systems. It can also be used in vent-to-atmosphere applications by adding the optional CCS-40 filter attachment.
  • For built engines with high levels of blow-by and for racing applications requiring a larger volume reservoir, stay tuned for our CCR (Catch Can, Race), currently in development. The CCR will feature larger ports and a 1 quart capacity.




CCS 3.5 fl oz Oil Catch Can Dimensions



Port Size
  • -6AN O-ring boss inlet and outlet ports.
  • 3.5 fl oz (104 ml) reservoir.
  • Reservoir, manifold, bracket nut, and plenum are CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MilSpec Type II anodized.
  • Filter is made from 316 stainless steel.
  • Anti-splash-back funnel and mounting brackets are stamped from aluminum to minimize weight.
  • Wave spring and hardware are made from stainless steel.
  • 100 micron, multi-layer 316 stainless steel mesh filter is suitable for all engines including vent-to-atmosphere setups.
  • Washable.
 Parts Included
  • CCS catch can with 3.5 fl oz reservoir
  • Universal 90-degree mounting bracket
  • Bracket nut
  • Safety lock clip
Country of Manufacture
  • United States of America
  • Lifetime warranty
Part #
Improved Racing
Part Weight
1.33 lb (0.6 kg) complete
bracket nut and 90-degree bracket
Primary Material
6061-T6 aluminum
Type II Anodized
Minimum Operating Temperature
-30°F (-34°C)
Maximum Operating Temperature
250°F (121°C)
Fluid Capacity
3.5 fl oz (104 ml)
Inlet Port Size
-6AN O-Ring Boss Female
Outlet Port Size
-6AN O-Ring Boss Female
Standards & Certifications
Milspec Type II Anodizing
O-Ring Boss Threads per SAE J1926-3 & ASME B1.1
O-Ring Boss Threads per SAE AS5202
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