RaceFlux AN Male Flare to AN Female w/ Dual NPT Female Sensor Ports

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Part # TR-XX-02-B

RaceFlux's aluminum sensor adapter fittings are designed to be installed inline on your oil or fuel line. This fitting features dual 1/8" NPT ports for up to two sensors. One port features a tall sensor standoff which can accept almost any 1/8" NPT temperature probe or pressure sensor. The fitting can also be used as a tee.

Features and Benefits

  • Industry standard male and female AN / JIC flared 37-degree sealing surface
  • Dual 1/8" NPT ports (plug any unused ports with a 1/8" NPT plug)
  • 1/8" NPT sensor port offset to accept temperature probes up to 1.0" in length
  • Lightweight black anodized aluminum construction
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
Fitting AngleStraight
Port A TypeAN Flare Male, 37º JIC
Port B TypeAN Flare Female, 37º JIC
Tee Port TypeNPT Female
Connection B GenderN/A
FinishType II Anodized
SwivelNone, on installation only
Maximum Operating Pressure1000 psi (68.94 bar)
Maximum Operating Temperature500°F (260°C)
Minimum Operating Temperature-40°F (-40°C)
Fluid CompatibilityAir and gas
Brake Fluid
Engine oil
Ethanol-based fuels (E85+)
Ethanol/gasoline mixtures
Gear oil
Nitrous Oxide
Power Steering Fluid
Racing fuels
Transmission fluid
Breather and vent lines
Fuel (in-tank)
Fuel (outside of tank)
Gauge and sensor lines
High pressure applications
High temperature applications
Hydraulics, high pressure (clutch, power steering, etc)
Other oil, water, and air systems
Vacuum lines
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