2015+ S550 Ford Mustang GT Factory Cooler Delete Lower Radiator Hose

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  • Use this lower radiator hose to delete the factory oil cooler on 2015 and later Ford Mustang GT & GT 350
  • Required when installing Improved Racing's EFR-104 oil cooler adapter on vehicles equipped with oil coolers
Part # RFR-802

Improved Racing's RFR-802 radiator hose is required for deleting the factory water-to-oil cooler in the the 2015 and later S550 Ford Mustang GT & GT 350. 

The factory lower radiator hose on these vehicles features two tee connections for the water-to-oil cooler. These connections may be capped off instead, but this will result in a restriction to your coolant flow. We recommend replacing the hose with this one instead.

Does not include worm clamps. 


Why Delete the Factory Water-to-Oil Cooler?

You may want to delete the factory oil cooler when upgrading to an air-to-oil cooler or when relocating the oil filter with a remote filter mount. There are two options for deleting the factory cooler. Both options first require the removal of the factory cooler (sandwiched between the oil filter and filter mount) and coolant lines, then replacing the lower radiator hose with RFR-802.

  1. Option 1: Replace the factory filter extension screw with Ford OEM part # AL3Z-6890-A. This will allow you to screw the filter directly to the filter mount like the base Mustang GT. Choose this option if you don't want to add an air-to-oil cooler or relocate your filter.
  2. Option 2: If you would like to upgrade to an air-to-oil cooler and/or relocate the oil filter, install Improved Racing's remote oil filter takeoff / oil cooler adapter, part number EFR-104 (may be used with 2015-2017 model year Mustang GTs only). Connect the adapter to a remote filter mount such as Improved Racing's ENV-170, ENV-172, ENV-140, or ENV-142. If desired, plumb in an air-to-oil cooler as well (see Improved Racing's MHX line of oil coolers).


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2015+ S550 Ford Mustang GT Factory Cooler Delete Lower Radiator Hose
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