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When we tested our Drakan Spyder on the track we discovered oil starvation of the LS3 was a problem. Our oil pressure was dropping into single digits. We called Improved Racing and tested their baffle system that fits into the stock oil pan. After installation, our oil pressures, under the same conditions with the same pro driver, did not drop below 25psi. It proved to be the perfect fix!

Shinoo Mapleton, Sector 111

Transmission thermostat is awesome. Service from Improved Racing was great. Quick delivery of a very high quality piece. I ordered a fluid thermostat with -6 fittings for a 10 sec bracket racer. It arrived in 2 days. After installation, my 60ft times, that had varied by 2 hundredths, now only vary by a few thousandths. Temp stays right at 165 as advertised.

Just wanted to say that you guys are the best place I've called in 2 years for tech support! I work at a performance shop and search parts everyday. Service was excelent thank you!

If you are looking for quality products and people that actually stand behind them you found the right people to deal with!

The years of testing have proved to have some incredible results. 4 hot laps on track with the Turbo FR-S and I couldn't get my oil over 220F. I could not believe my eyes. Coming down from 270-275F at the end of 5 hot laps, to 220F, is just amazing. Also the added capacity is a nice for a little extra insurance in high G cornering.

We had another successful weekend competing in NASA TTU, a 3rd and 2nd place finish.

Gilbert Rossignol