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LS Engine Oil Filter Part Number Reference

2006+ Z06 Corvette and All 2007+ LS & Vortec Engines* 1997-2006 LS & Vortec Engines
OEM PF48 PF44/PF46
Longer OEM PF63 PF59
K&N Reuseable SS-1017 SS-1007
K&N Pro Series PS-1017 PS-1007
K&N HP-1017 HP-1007
Purolator PureOne PL12222 PL14006
Purolator Base L12222 L14006
FRAM Ultra/Xtended Guard Premium Lube Filter XG10060 XG3506
FRAM Toughguard TG10060 TG3506
FRAM Highmileage HM10060 HM3506
FRAM Extraguard PH10060 PH3506
Mobil 1 113 107
Baldwin P160 B31
Wix 57060 51041
Bosch D3334 3332
Amsoil EA15K50 EAO32
* Also includes any new factory oil pan purchased after 2007

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