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Katech KAT-A6390 High Flow LS Gen III and IV Oil Pump

[Part # KAT-A6390]

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Katech developed their blueprinted pumps early in the life of their race program after noticing inadequate machining on the factory pumps. Katech uses only brand new LS6 pumps for this procedure which ensures that the product sold has never had any failures.

Features and Benefits

  • Brand new GM LS6 G-Rotor oil pump
  • CNC-ported oil inlet
  • 23% more capacity than the KAT-A2390 pump
  • Heavy duty oil pickup tube o-ring included
  • GM GEN III & IV LS and Vortec engines with AFM/DOD and/or VVT
  • GM GEN III & IV LS and Vortec engines requiring additional oil flow due to looser bearing clearances, piston squirters, aftermarket lifters, etc.

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