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1997-2002 C5 Corvette Performance Oil Cooler Kit, EC5-600

[Part # EC5-600]

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Thermostat Temp:

Improved Racing's bolt-on oil cooler kit for the C5 Corvette provides more cooling capacity than any other oil cooler kit on the market. Tested on a Spec Corvette race car, this kit will keep your oil temps at safe levels lap after lap on any road course.

This kit is not only essential for track use, but also perfectly streetable thanks to the built-in oil thermostat, which allows engine oil to reach safe operating temperatures quickly and prevent over-cooling of engine oil, especially in cold weather.

The kit includes professionally assembled, lightweight -10AN oil lines featuring a Viton rubber interior, stainless reinforcement to prevent kinking, and a fire-proof silicone-fiberglass insulation sleeve.

The thermostat is available in three temperature ratings: 180°F, 200°F, and 212°F. The 212°F unit is recommended for racing applications where a higher oil viscosity is used. The 180°F and 200°F units are recommended for street use. The non-thermostatic unit is for track use only as it will over-cool the engine oil in non-racing conditions.

The kit includes a new oil temp sensor that is compatible with the OEM C5 gauge cluster and features an extended wiring harness and plug-and-play connector.

Custom made "S" adapter fittings were also designed for this kit to avoid any excess cutting or modification to the factory radiator shroud, making the line plumbing as bolt-on as possible.

Features and Benefits

  • Sufficient cooling capacity for continuous road course use on applications making 600+ WHP
  • Keeps oil temps in check to extend the life of your engine and reduce oil starvation
  • Includes Improved Racing's high-efficiency 45-row, triple-pass oil cooler with custom, adjustable mounting brackets for the C5 Corvette
  • Direct bolt-on kit; the only permanent modification required is cutting a single line pass-through hole in the radiator shroud.
  • EGM-112 thermostatic oil cooler adapter precisely controls oil temps and accelerates engine warm-up
  • Professionally assembled, lightweight, heat-shielded -10AN oil lines with hard-anodized aluminum dual swivel fittings
  • Includes plug-and-play oil temp sensor compatible with the factory OEM C5 oil temp gauge
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette (C5), all models
  • 180°F and 200°F Thermostat - Recommended for street use and track use.
  • 212°F Thermostat - Recommended for race cars that run a higher viscosity oil and must maintain higher minimum oil temperatures.
  • No Thermostat - Recommended for race cars only. Will over-cool engine oil and prevent warm-up on the street.

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