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1996-2004 Ford Mustang GT Track Only Oil Cooler Kit

[Part # EFR-601]

$790.00 Free Shipping Details

Improved Racing's bolt-on oil cooler kit for the SN95 Ford Mustang GT relocates the oil filter to a much more convenient location and reduces peak oil temperatures by as much as 30-50°F.

Improved Racing's bolt-on oil cooler adapter (Part # EFR-100) replaces the factory oil filter and water inlet manifold. A custom silicone radiator hose connects the factory radiator and coolant expansion tank directly to the 1.75" water neck on the adapter. Improved Racing's remote filter mount (Part # ENV-140) is included and mounting hardware is provided.

The kit includes professionally assembled, pressure-tested lines with aluminized Kevlar sleeves for protection from heat and abrasion.

This kit does not include an oil thermostat is not recommended for street use. Due to the size of the oil cooler, engine oil will not reach normal operating temps during casual street driving without an oil thermostat. For mixed street and track use, please consider Improved Racing's EFR-600 kit.

Features and Benefits

  • Includes Improved Racing's MHX series high-efficiency 20-row, dual-pass oil cooler to keep oil temps in check at the track
  • Relocates oil filter to a convenient and more accessible location behind the front bumper support
  • ENV-140 remote oil filter mount
  • Includes custom light-weight aluminum, rubber-isolated oil cooler mounting brackets
  • Professionally assembled, lightweight, heat-shielded -10AN oil lines with anodized aluminum dual-swivel fittings
  • Oil cooler adapter features two 1/4" sensor ports to accommodate the factory pressure switch and for aftermarket oil sensors or turbo oil supply
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • 1996-2004 4.6L Ford Modular V8 Mustang GT, chassis code SN95
  • Cobra and Mach 1 trims require an optional 1.75" to 1.50" radiator hose reducer available in the drop down menu above for $7.00 extra. The included silicone radiator hose must also be trimmed for these applications.

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