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VCM OTR Intake for Chevrolet SS & 2014+ Caprice PPV, With Panels

[Part # KVF-900]

Part No. Intake Type Price Qty
KVF-900 MAF Version $479.00
KVF-901 MAF-Less Version* $519.00

VCM's over-the-radiator cold air intake kit offers huge horsepower gains by maximizing air flow with a straight ram-air design and massive K&N filter. Because air is pulled in over the radiator, it also feeds much cooler air into your engine than other intakes, resulting in even more horsepower gains. The kit includes two side panels and an infill panel for a clean look. Molded from high-quality, OEM style molded plastic, VCM's kits are some of the nicest on the market and are often mistaken for a factory part.

You can expect a gain of 15-20 peak wheel HP and 20-30 wheel HP in the upper RPM range over the factory intake on a stock car. With a good tune, expect an additional 20-30 HP at the wheels. Click here to see a dyno chart comparing the factory output to this intake on the Australian Holden VF (known as the Chevrolet SS in the USA).

The kit features a PCV line setup that locates the PCV line after the MAF and eliminates the possibility of a lean code being thrown. The injection molded housing separates for easy filter cleaning or replacement and features an airtight seal to prevent air flow and debris from bypassing the filter.

This kit can be installed with basic hand tools in about 45 minutes. The radiator must be tilted back very slightly and upper radiator mounting brackets are included to achieve the required angle. The intake can be used with aftermarket MAFs and throttle bodies, but may require aftermarket silicone couplers. The intake can also be used in a MAF-less* setup using our adapter kit, sold separately.

* MAF-less version includes couplers to eliminate the factory MAF and requires a custom speed-density tune.

Features and Benefits

  • Big horsepower gains over stock; 17.5 peak HP at the wheels with no other mods and 40 HP at the wheels in upper RPM range
  • Improves throttle response and engine sound
  • Molded from OEM quality plastic for a factory look and feel
  • Manufactured in Australia and imported by VCM USA, an Improved Racing subsidiary
What's Included
  • 1 x Over-The-Radiator (OTR) Intake
  • 1 x K&N air filter, part number KVE-400
  • 2 x Upper radiator mounting brackets
  • All necessary couplers, clamps, and hardware
  • 1 x KVF-310 side panel set
  • 1 x KVE-300 infill panel (requires minor trimming)
  • 2014-2017 Chevrolet Caprice PPV (V8)
  • 2013+ Holden VF Commodore
  • 2014+ Chevrolet SS
Fitment Note
  • 2016 model year and newer vehicles feature a sound induction pipe that connects to the factory intake to the firewall. This pipe needs to be removed and capped off in order for the VCM OTR intake to be installed without modification.

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I picked this kit because of it's neat, OEM look, appearance. I also like the OTR concept of air induction as my last car with cold air induction was a Ram Air Firebird.

I gave it 4 stars because the installation instructions could have been a little better, but other than than it went on after reviewing the instructions thoroughly and looking at what others had done, I got it on, looks good, sounds great and I do believe it increase power output at high rpms. So, all in all a great piece, and it doesn't look like it's added on or made by someone else other than GM.
1-1 of 1 Reviews

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