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Katech LS Gen III and IV Billet Belt Tensioner

[Part # KAT-A4425-BL]

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For any kind of performance driving with the Gen III or IV LS, Katech's billet adjustable belt tensioner is a must. In these engines, above certain RPM's the stock tensioner will throw the serpentine accessory belt off the pulley. After observing this in their race engines, Katech's engineers developed this tensioner and completely eliminated the issue. Pulley included.

Please note: Not recommend for use on supercharged engines unless the supercharger has a dedicated drive.


  • Fits all Gen III and IV LS engines
  • NOTE: 2010-2012 Camaro requires Gates belt part number K060827.
  • NOTE: 2013-2015 Camaro requires Gates belt part number K060790.

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