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Holley 4" Stroke Front Clearance LS Oil Pan, 302-3

[Part # 302-3]

Part No. Kit Price Qty
302-3 Oil Pan Kit $356.95
EHL-402 Oil Pan Kit w/ Trap Door Baffling $581.90

Holley's 302-3 oil pan provides extra chassis clearance at the front of the oil pan while also clearing most crankshafts up to 4.000" stroke.

EHL-402 includes Improved Racing-designed trap-door oil pan baffle, part # 302-12, for additional oil starvation protection in high-performance and motor sport applications.


  • Designed for LS engine retrofit installations in: 1967-69 Camaro/Firebird, 1968-74 Nova/Apollo/Ventura/Omega, 1982-92 F-body, 1978-87 G-body, 1964-72 A-body applications, 1979-2004 Mustang, 1979-1986 Capri Fox bodies, and truck chassis requiring more oil pan to chassis clearance around the front half of the oil pan
  • Can be used anywhere a GM F-Body oil pan can be used
  • Features 2 x 1/2" NPT oil return ports for turbos or catch can drains (one each side)
  • Provides OEM fitment - OEM oil filter mounting, OEM oil cooler port provision, OEM engine NVH suppression, OEM flange gasket and sealing, proper structural rigidity and OEM bell-housing attachments
  • Traditional high-quality cast aluminum appearance with clean exterior styling
  • Provides maximum clearance for vehicles where the steering linkage is behind the engine cross-member
  • Cast and machined aluminum
  • Complete kit includes sump baffle, OE style pick-up tube, sump plug, oil filter stud, oil passage cover, etc
Installation Notes
  • Sump Oil Capacity - 5.6 Quarts
  • Total Oil Capacity with stock oil filter - 6.1 Quarts
  • Requires use of Holley 302-15 Dipstick and Tube Kit or LS3 dipstick (GM Part # 12669528) and tube (GM Part # 12625031) (not included)
  • Requires OEM oil pan gasket (GM Part #: 12612350) or Improved Racing Part # HGA-1001 (not included)
  • *Engine location may need to be adjusted (up / down or fore / aft) for cross member or steering linkage clearance depending on the vehicle, steering configuration and chassis type
  • 302-2 is designed to use a GM "F-body" windage tray; GM Part #: 12558253. A modification to the windage tray is required to provide clearance to the pick-up tube. A full-length windage tray may be used if the front quarter of the tray is removed. See the instruction sheets showing the windage tray modifications required.
  • Additional parts needed: Oil Pan Gasket GM Part # - 12612350 or equivalent, High Quality RTV sealer, Oil Filter - AC Delco PF48 or equivalent

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