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Raceflux Custom AN Racing Hose Assembly, -12AN

[Part # RaceFlux-12A]

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Introducing Raceflux's built-to-spec hose assemblies!

Raceflux's lightweight braided hose and performance hose-end fittings are now available in fully-customizable assemblies to meet all of your fluid control needs.

Improved Racing builds each custom hose assembly to your exact specifications. Most assemblies will have a turnaround time of 1-2 business days. All custom assemblies are backed by Raceflux's Lifetime Warranty. Use the drop-down table to choose hose lengths, fitting variants and optional silicone heat-shield sleeve.

Please note all custom assemblies are NON-RETURNABLE, so it's important to take your time to carefully measure and plan each custom hose assembly. Hose assemblies are measured from collar to collar, as shown in the figure below. Always add a few inches to the measured length to allow for flex, or the hose may fail.

RaceFlux Lightweight Viton Racing Hose for Fuel and Oil
RaceFlux's lightweight racing hose is 33% lighter than stainless braided hose. This 4-layer hose features a Viton Fluoroelastomer (FKM) inner layer for compatibility with nearly all automotive fluids including fuel, engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, coolants, water, air and vacuum.

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The hose is certified for use with racing fuels, ethanol-based fuels (E85+), diesels/bio-diesels, and ethanol/gasoline mixtures. This hose will not deteriorate, dry, harden, or permeate fuel (emit fuel vapor) with the presence of ethanol in gasoline.

RaceFlux AN Swivel Seal Hose End Fittings
RaceFlux's aluminum AN hose end fittings are designed specifically for use in motor sports where maximum fluid flow and reliability are paramount. The fittings are reusable and their black anodized finish offers a fresh, stealthier look over traditional red and blue fittings.

RaceFlux Fire-Retardant Silicone Fiberglass Hose Sleeve
RaceFlux fire-retardant silicone fiberglass sleeving is designed to protect hoses, wires and cables from intense heat and flame at continuous temperatures up to 500°F and intermittent temperatures up to 3,000°F. This type of sleeving is commonly used in aerospace and motorsport applications to protect critical components in the event of an engine compartment fire.

Use this sleeve on any hoses that run close to engine headers or exhaust. The high abrasion resistance of silicone also makes this sleeve suitable for protecting its contents from abrasion.

RaceFlux's silicone sleeve is extremely flexible, non-conductive, and will not melt or become brittle with time. In the event of direct exposure to flame, the external silicone layer transforms into a protective, non-flammable silica (SiO2) coating while the fiberglass inner layer provides insulation from radiant heat.

Features and Technical Specs

Raceflux Lightweight Performance Hose
  • Color is black with gray trace
  • 33% lighter than traditional stainless steel braided hose
  • Lightweight, abrasion-resistant Nylon outer cover
  • Smooth bore Viton rubber inner layer
  • Reinforced with a lightweight embedded stainless steel inner braid for use in vacuum applications
  • -40°F (-40°C) to 302°F (150°C) operating temperature
  • 300 PSI max operating pressure
  • 1,000 PSI burst pressure
  • For use with traditional reusable AN fittings (not for use with push-lock style barbed fittings)
  • Note: This hose should not be submerged in fuel or used inside of fuel tanks
RaceFlux AN Swivel Seal Hose End Fittings
  • Fitting in industry standard AN / JIC flared 37-degree sealing surface
  • Double-swivel seal for easy installation and re-clocking of lines
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight black anodized aluminum construction
Heat Shielding Sleeve
  • Operating Temperatures:
    • -65°F (-54°C) minimum continuous
    • 500°F (260°C) maximum continuous
    • 2,000°F (1,090°C) intermittent 15-20 minutes
    • 3,000°F (1,650°C) intermittent 15-30 seconds
  • Non-flammable
  • Abrasion resistance: excellent
  • Chemical resistance*:
    • Aromatic Solvents - 1
    • Alipahtic Solvents - 1
    • Chlorinated Solvents - 1
    • Weak Bases - 1
    • Strong Bases - 1
    • Salt Water - 1
    • Hydraulic Fluid (MIL-H-5606) - 1
    • Lubricating Oil (MIL-A-8243) - 1
    • De-Icing Fluid (MILA-8243) - 1
    • Strong Acids - 2
    • Strong Oxidants - 2
    • Esters/Keytones - 1
    • UV Light - 1
    • Petroleum - 1
    • Fungus (ASTM G-21) - 1
    • Salts - 1
* Key (1) No Effect, (2) Little Effect, (3) Affected, (4) More Affected, (5) Severely Affected

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